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Below, you can find some selected media coverage of SpotCloud (there's too much for us to list it all here).
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SpotCloud Explores the Cloud's Utility Computing Future
One of the most popular images used to illustrate the concept of cloud computing is the electrical grid. The “cloud” can be tricky to pin down, but everyone is familiar with plugging into a standardized socket and drawing the juice necessary to run many electrical devices from a network of large power plants.

Matchmaking for the Cloud 
For big computing jobs, such as data analysis or video processing, it's often cheaper for businesses to use rented resources rather than hardware they own.

Cloud computing: A market for computing power (Economist Print Edition)
LIKE oil or pork bellies, computing capacity is now a tradable commodity. February 14th saw the launch of SpotCloud, the world’s first spot market for cloud computing. It works much like other spot markets.

Clouds under the hammer, reloaded (Economist Web Edition)
The Economist discussing whether computing capacity would become a tradable commodity. 


Is SpotCloud Google AdSense for Cloud Computing?
just as Google AdSense lets web site owners and bloggers try to monetize blank space by placing ads in it, SpotCloud lets data center operators monetize excess capacity by releasing it to SpotCloud

SpotCloud Launches Today: What Kind Of An Impact Will It Have?
SpotCloud has a great potential to be a trendsetter and a major player in the open federated future many of us are envisioning.



Can a cloud broker upset the cloud market?
It’s interesting to me that what is, for all intents and purposes, one of the largest true IaaS clouds a) popped up overnight and b) is built out of scrap iron and used tires.

Microsoft Cloud Conversations: Thought Leaders in The Cloud 
Talking with Reuven Cohen, Founder and CTO of Enomaly Inc  



SpotCloud Launches Exchange for Cloud Capacity
The market driven approach of SpotCloud is a game changer for both buyers and providers of cloud computing resources.

SpotCloud: It’s a Market, Not a Cloud
The brokerage model is apparently so compelling that Gartner last month estimated that by 2015 the market for middle men between clouds will be a huge revenue opportunity, and the big players will need to either become brokers or enable them in order to succeed.

SpotCloud Aims to Change Moore’s Law and Cloud Dynamics
Taking on unused capacity comes with risks and caveats. The first caveat is that all of those cores on offer from sellers aren’t a monolithic group. They’re aggregated across different data centers from different providers

A Service Similar to Google Adwords and Google AdSense - But for the Cloud
In essence, Spotcloud is a marketplace that leverages supply and demand in the market to determine the price of the service. This is comparable to a spot market, where buyers and sellers make deals through an intermediary.

SpotCloud provides new opportunities for companies with unused cloud capacity
Toronto cloud computing software company Enomaly has an ingenious new business model that can save companies money when purchasing cloud computing capacity

SpotCloud aims to create online spot market for buying and selling cloud capacity
What if you could buy and sell cloud-computing capacity the same way people book hotel rooms on Priceline or Hotwire?

Lowering your IT costs by using others' excess capacity
SpotCloud offers companies with unused computing resources an opportunity to convert these idle resources into an income stream. Sellers have the ability to define capacity quotas, utilization levels, duration, and pricing

Enomaly's SpotCloud Market Opens to Any Provider
Enomaly is opening up its SpotCloud market to any service provider, after launching it earlier this month exclusively for users of its own cloud software platform.

Is SpotCloud Changing The Cloud Computing Capacity Game?
SpotCloud started as an odd "what if?" notion. Cohen said there are a host cloud computing providers left with unused capacity and prospective cloud capacity buyers looking for a lower cost cloud computing option. 

Spotcloud, le futur du cloud computing?
Et si le futur du cloud computing n'était ni chez Amazon, ni chez Google ou Microsoft, mais partout à la fois. Le Canadien Spotcloud propose une vision en rupture avec le marché en train de se constituer.

SpotCloud Launches–A True Utility Model Cometh
The great thing about this initiative is that anyone with a spare 500GB of storage, 20 cores, decent connectivity and the ability to spin up Linux and Windows based VMs can play here – and this includes private data centers with excess capacity. 

New online market launched to sell surplus cloud computing capacity
Cloud providers can use SpotCloud to clear out unused capacity and sell computing inventory that would otherwise go unsold, enabling increased use and revenue, without undermining their standard pricing.

Cloud-capacity market makes IT's hottest trend a commodity
If you just need a bunch of Exchange servers or raw HPC or two month's worth of time on a bunch of servers that can be a DMZ to integrate your company and a recent acquisition, or just to rent some short-term project or dev space, SpotCloud isn't a bad idea.

Marketplace for Cloud Capacity Debuts
Need to use 10,000 servers just for an hour or two? Or perhaps you have excess capacity that you'll never use or sell? If you are in either camp, now there's a marketplace aimed at matching buyers and sellers of cloud computing capacity.

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